Bruno defends De Gea was not at fault in West Ham defeat!

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Must be responsible together! Bruno Fernandes suggests that David De Gea, the “Red Devils” goalkeeper should not be held liable alone in the West Ham United defeat, because that match the team’s offensive game was also ineffective. together by encouraging teammates to fight for better performance

The aftermath of the English Premier League football 2022/23 after the “Red Devils” team, Manchester United, a giant club, lost to West Ham United 0-1 on Sunday, May 7, 2023. The UFABET game has a rhythm. At Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea made a mistake that caused the team to concede a goal. which resulted in that defeat

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes, famous football player of the “Red Devils” has revealed that “In such games, I have to admit that We can score our own goals. Even though there were many opportunities, I couldn’t do it because of my lack of decisiveness. As for the moment that lost the door in an unlucky way Until losing it I’ll have to go back and see why. But we don’t have to go to that. It was De Gea’s fault or anyone else’s.

“Back then De Gea, he helped the team many times, so he didn’t have to take responsibility for the defeats that happened. Our team has players with great potential to score goals. But we scored the worst goals. Even though we have the opportunity, but why can’t we do it ourselves? From now on we all have to focus on ourselves. Must concentrate on playing a lot. It’s a tough job for us this season. We know exactly what we want. We have to do it,” said Bruno.

Manchester United currently rank fourth in the Premier League with 34 games played and 63 points, two points behind third-placed Newcastle, but only one point behind fifth-placed Liverpool. Where Liverpool kicked more than 1 match