Torres urges Mane to move to Chelsea

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I took a hot shower before! Fernando Torres, the legendary Spanish national team striker, has suggested Sadio Mane who prepares to leave Bayern to play for Chelsea in the English Premier League.

From the news that came out that “Sing Bulls” Chelsea, the famous English UFABET Premier League football club, is preparing to grab Sadio Mane, the attacking star from Bayern Munich. From the German Bundesliga football this summer after the Senegal national team striker. There is a form that is not as consistent as when playing with the “Reds” Liverpool team.

Torres urges Mane to move to Chelsea

Sadio Mane before moving to football with the Bavarian top team Made 120 goals for Liverpool and 38 assists before moving to the team to find a new challenge in the German Bundesliga football, but only having to face difficulties in his first season. Until there was a news that Bayern was preparing to sell him a label from the team after the end of the season

On the side of the “Sing Bulls” team this season, it seems to be in bad form, requiring a change of new manager, with Mauricio Pochettino in charge of the team, which made him prepare to find additional players. Army to strengthen the team next season, Sadio Mane is another player he has shown interest in wanting to work together at Stamford Bridge.

About this, Fernando Torres, a former Spanish national team player legend. who had a similar experience by moving from Atletico Madrid in Spain to Liverpool in 2007, whose results did not go as expected, never touching any trophies Until having to move to Chelsea and be able to win the UEFA Cup Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup came to claim that

“At Chelsea I had a good time. But I lack consistency to maintain my form. In which if the manager cannot play consistently in a big club like Chelsea, someone else will play instead. And ready to take the real position in the team from you can’t deny it Therefore, moving to a big team with many great players in the team. In the middle of the season it was very difficult.

“When moving to a new place Adapting to teammates is very difficult. I can’t find someone who plays together like I did with Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, but I always say it’s my fault that Do not try to adapt when you can.”

Torres continued: “I’m happy to be at Chelsea because I’ve won the trophies I want. i play football well But can’t do it every week. So playing against the biggest club teams in the world. If you don’t perform well every week, it’s going to be a problem for you.