Tuchel reveals who to blame after shock defeat + reveals why he dropped Mendy

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Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea manager It came out clear who should be responsible for the shock defeat of the Navy Blue Lions against Dinamo Zagreb in the UEFA Champions League last night.

   Thomas Tuchel blamed himself after Chelsea’s shock defeat toCroatian champion Dinamo Zagreb in the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League group E first leg last night. Come (Tuesday, September 6, 2022) by the German coach to bemoaned that it was born. ‘The same thing’ again after his team lost a third time this season in just seven games.

          Tuchel’s side have failed to keep a clean sheet since their opening game of the Premier League season against Everton, while the defeat in Zagreb was their third consecutive away defeat. This is the first time that happened under the German coach. Chelsea have also lost against Leeds and Southampton this season. and showing an unimpressive performance in all three of their victories Tuchel was once again unsatisfied with what he saw from his players. When asked about the team’s performance after the game Tuchel told BT Sport : 

Tuchel reveals who to blame after shock defeat + reveals why he dropped Mendy

   “I was angry with myself and I was angry with our performance. I was angry with myself because I didn’t expect it to happen.” “Obviously I was in the wrong movie. I think the last game will help us. I think we’ll react in a very difficult time with West Ham , react. Get the results you want when you need a little luck in the situation we are in. “We had a good training session.  think the team is ready. I think we all know the reason for it. I didn’t expect it to happen. That’s why I’m angry with myself.”

          Tuchel’s 100th game in charge at Chelsea has become a memorable moment and he added: “There is too much to analyze. I am part of it Clearly we are not where we have to be and where we can be. So it’s up to me. it’s up to us At the moment everything is missing.” “This is a very underrated play from all of us. not accurate enough not decisive enough Not aggressive enough.” “Not focused enough and not enough as a team. That’s why we lost.”

When asked about the number of players at the top of the game Tuchel said: “Not much at the moment. It’s my job to come up with a solution and figure out the reason why.” Each of them obviously underperformed and I really don’t know. Where does this form come from?” “Lack of commitment. lack of appetite and a lack of enthusiasm for doing what we want at the highest level. We were not clear where we wanted to be.” “We expected what we got. It’s the same story a couple of games ago. We started fine for 15-20 minutes, but then lacked determination, accuracy, and possibly a lack of smell of blood. (Knowing the opponent is weak and taking advantage of that) “We need to be a lot better. We are not finished yet. We are not happy with our result. Were not happy with the way we played overall. But I think we’re coming in a good way. I was amazed by this performance.”

  Tuchel declined to mention his debut. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, with the masked Gabon striker entering the pitch due to a broken jaw during the home raids, made his Chelsea debut for the UFABET game and had several chances to score. They can also pass the net with only the lineman raising the flag first. Although it shows good signs But Tuchel was in no mood to talk about the striker. By referring to his new players, “I will not speak individually today. we play as a team we lose as a team That’s what it is.”

  Tuchel also revealed the reason for Kepa Arrizabalaga. Started before Eduard Mendy in this game, the Senegalese goalkeeper has a bad start to the season. He made a big mistake in the defeat to Leeds United and his form was swayed again at West Ham over the weekend. The most expensive goalkeeper in history has not played for Chelsea since March. But got into the real game against Dinamo Zagreb, the Croatian team last night.

         Tuchel said: “First of all, the most important thing is that Kepa deserves to play for a long time. We have two goalkeepers competing at the highest level.” “It’s a new tournament. So it might be a good time for Edu to take a breather. He was unlucky in the last game. It’s not bad, but it’s unfortunate.” Edu has a problem with his patella, he’s not 100% fit right now so we took that opportunity. (changes)”