‘Neymar’ hinted at being dumped after Paris wants to reduce the burden on the team’s wages.

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The press reports that PSG is ready to release Neymar, the Samba striker. this summer To reduce the burden of wages for players in the team And adjust the new forces to fight the Ligue battle in the next season as well

UOL is a famous Brazilian media outlet. News reports on the movement of Neymar, the Brazilian national team striker. Currently playing football with Paris Saint-Germain. The giants of French Ligue football seem to have to move to find a new team this summer. After having been in the news that PSG’s board of directors were dissatisfied with their personal behavior several months ago, but in the end, Neymar was still the main force of the UFABET team.

'Neymar' hinted at being dumped after Paris wants to reduce the burden on the team's wages.

The report states that board of paris Saint-Germain. There are plans to sell Neymar out of the team because next season there will be a new team’s strength. And most importantly, to reduce the burden of the player’s wages, which Neymar currently receives a large wage. Including many other superstar players, if Neymar is released from the team. It should help the team have enough money to satisfy the allocation of troops next season as well.

In addition, UOL added that Neymar, 31, would like to move to the English Premier League. Which has been linked with several clubs, including Manchester United. United, Chelsea and Newcastle United, but whether such a deal will happen or not will have to wait and see.

Neymar began his professional career in 2009 with Santos. in home league Before moving across the continent to join Barcelona in Spanish La Liga football in 2013-2017, then moving to Paris Saint-Germain from 2017 to the present